Privacy Policy

The Shiney Rocks Privacy Policy relates to your use of and other associated websites using your Shiney Rocks login. This privacy policy is GDPR compliant.

What information we collect

We store the following information about our customers:
•First and last names
•Email addresses
•Telephone numbers, if provided
•Shipping addresses
•Billing addresses

Your payment details are not held by Shiney Rocks. There is some information that we will collect about all of our users:
•The type of device you are using, such as a mobile phone, to deliver you the optimum experience
•We use cookies to store the contents of your cart so that when you return your cart stays full. No personal data is stored in our cookies.
•We also store analytics about your visit such as visit duration and the pages you go to. Nothing in this data identifies you personally.

This sort of data collection is standard for online stores and the data we collect about all users can’t personally identify you. Only data collected from customers who place orders is personal information.

How we use this information

Your customer information is used to ship your products and then not used again. We keep your data stored to help you check out quicker next time.


If you click subscribe when making a purchase we may email you from time to time for marketing purposes and for important account information. You also will be emailed when you place an order. You can opt-out of marketing communications at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any email to unsubscribe and you will be removed from our database.


We hold your information for the lifetime of your Shiney Rocks account. You can ask us to delete your account at any time. Your information may be held in backups up to 90 days after your account is closed.

Parties we share this information with

Your shipping details are not shared with any other parties.
•Your name and email address may be shared with Mailchimp to allow us to send you important notifications and marketing emails. You can opt out of marketing emails at any time only if you click to subscribe to email.
•Analytics about your visit are shared with Google Analytics to enable us to improve our site. This data can’t identify you at all.

This page will be kept up to date should this list change.

Our data protection contact

You can contact Jane Purdy at if you have questions.

How to lodge a data subject access request

It is within your rights to request a Subject Access Request asking for the details of all the information we hold about you. You can do this by emailing You can request that we update or delete your information without giving a reason why. Alternatively, write to us at:

Data Protection Officer, Shiney Rocks, 3 Wentforth Drive, Bristol, BS15 1QN

Withdrawing consent and right to be forgotten

If you no longer want to allow us to use your data you can contact us and ask that your data is removed.